Lucky Winner

Siok...... siok siok siok!!!!! I also got it sign up and hope to win but too bad my LUCK wasn't that good as Saiful Asmawi Abdullah A.K.A Cepole906. He is the 1st draw winner of the SmartBru free iPad contest. He won himself a 64GB wifi+3G awesome iPad..... haiya hope that I can win for the next draw man!!!
So don't give up if you also like me have sign up for the SmartBru if you haven't sign up.... no problem is never too late coz  there is another draw coming soon. Just visit today and sign up now and you could be the next winner too. So just stay tuned for their next draw
So once again congratulation to the winner...... 
Ya ya ya  I know you both can't wait to open the box sudah tu...... enjoy and have fun with your new toy boy!!!!

I just wondering what wind is man.... Seen like everyone is in the iPad Mood today!!! Taiwan Apple Store just launching the iPad there and hundreds of people Q up for buying, then my friend in Brunei here also don't want to lost he call me up to company him to buy iPad and iTouch/ iPod Touch too.
He also got sign up for the Smartbru too but too bad no luck so today went to buy one same same as Saiful win one but he have to pay 1.2k for it!!!
The latest iPod Touch is for his wife for the coming X'mas present... Sweet!!!! Lucky I just got my new toy(Nikon D90) if not I also cannot tahan to get one Apple gadget too today! hahahahah

Ya ya ya..... X'mas presents... we know!!!

Trying with my D90 taking this picture. I only know the Auto Mode! hehehehe not bad ya!!!

 Can't wait to trying your  iPad's 3G sudah ka bro!!! Soik lah you people tonight got iPad play play loh! 

Sand Thieve At The Merangang Beach

Red Plastic Bag

Kinda disappointed when I buy this camera at the double alphabet online shop. Is not because of the camera or the staff service or the prices. Everything is good but only the Red Plastic Bag.
Buy an over thousand dollars item but giving me a Lauzy and Cheap plastic bag...... I really really disappointed for that. Feel like buying over thousand dollars of ikan and sayur here.
And the end I told there staff I don't need it with the plastic bag because I saw their rubbish bin are using the same RED PLASTIC BAG too!!!! So at the end of the day I walk out the shop Happily Ever After with my new toys. 
p/s:Boss is time to use your own printed logo Paper Bag for your shop already!

My Nikon D90

Yes..... that's right!!! This is my 1st DSLR. Some people out there are really good with guessing what camera I got and it can see this people are so in good with this stuff hahahah..... I think I have to learn from you people. Really..... I really need help with this gadget, I have so many question to ask about this toy. What is M, A, S, P, AF,AE, ISO, F this F that.....
Aiyo..... I see this short form this already start sak sak now!!! If you ask me how to usr Mobile phone to take picture ah... that one I know lah.. This one really new from me.

Sure some people want to ask me Why I want to get this Nikon D90? Why not the D7000 or the Canon 60D, 550D or the 5D or 7D???
Why must choose this old model which release 2 years ago???????? Yes actually I want to get the Canon 60D at The Maggis Mall one after many many many for search in the net. But last last I bought D90 is because last minute when I want to buy the Canon the time I baru remember that my father back to 15 years ago he also a photographer before and I found out that he had bought a lot of GOOD STUFF and that time and all his Toys are hidden some where in his room which I never found before.
That time he is using Film one... so this day his camera more them 10 years didn't use already. Then I try to search in the net see which DSLR can use this OLD SKOLL lens and I found that those CHEAP and LOW Range DSLR cannot use. So for my situation 1st time user the Nikon D90 is the best choice for me. So now I almost have everything I need for my D90 here. The best part of my father's toys here are the Flash, guess what the flash has never been use before and now after so many years now this toys can start their job again and no more hiding in the closet anymore. 
But still I like to use my iPhone4 to take picture coz I found is more convenient and easy to use. I think I only use this DSLR on some special occasion.... crazy one meh carrying so many lens going around here and there haven't take picture already tired like hell liao loh!!!

Can anyone teach me how to use this thing?

Another lens from my father's old skoll toys

I just spend 1.5k only..... Lucky I got check nicely if not don't know how much money again have to spend and for other accessories liao!!!!

My 1st DSLR

I know I should get one of this to do some of my blog picture shooting but any where it never too late.
In fact I'm a person who like to be easy and that's is why I love to use mobile phone or a normal digital camera to take some picture. But some day some how I started realize those thing are not enough for me so I started to think get one of this DSLR in the beginning of the year.
After so many months to think, so many weeks to search, so many day to study, so many hours to read, so many minute to try and so many second to learn about the DSLR stuff; So today I finally make my final decision and get one mid range and old model but brand new Nikon DSLR. 
Some people sure think that I'm gonna get Canon for my 1st DSLR but too bad I'm not. I know sure some people say why I'm not getting the 5D,7D 60D, 550D, D7000, D this D that........
I have a very got reason why I want to get this model DSLR from Nikon.
Is a long story.... not because I don't have budget but because of the LENS man.......
I tell you again tomorrow after I have try my new gadget 1st...... 
Tomorrow lah.... I'll show you show some pictures I shoot and post in my blog here then you know why!!! 
so now you can guess why DSLR I get for this picture here first lah.

Tomorrow At The Mall

Get ready to unveil the brand new car at The Mall tomorow. I don't remember what's the car name already... is it January or February or April... don't know long as something do with the year of Months. 

Which One Better?

This is the only gadget let me think so long to invest one... don't know which one to buy. Simply simply touch any model also cost me thousand dollars over there very susah lah..... really don't know which one should I look for.
Today went to see see look look the dslr around the Brunei and someone told me at the Maggis Mall there got road show for the Nikon and Canon stuff and say got cheaper there. But when I see there also not so cheap man... Yah la just a bit higher then the local online shopping prices but they have give some other free gift like SD card, extra battery,books or choose printer.
I hear they just started yesterday so if you also like me plan to get one maybe can go there and see see look look too!
Why??? why............
Why Apple don't have come out a Camera lines? If have ah... I think I would not that susah susah go and think which produce's. who's brand, which one better and cheaper. I think I 100+99% buying Apple's DSLR! But I want a white color one lah.
What if Steve Jobs they have think of that and they diam diam don't let us know. I think Apple should come out that as their another product line and don't just MP3, Phone and Computer mah.... right kan? 
If have sure damn cool one...

This Sunday

Alright this Sunday the Beach Bunch got this collaboration with MadMilk Designs are organising a dayout which includes a photoshoot on its 1st commercial Blue Flag marketing campaign for the December's national workshop. So you all can join us and bring your family, friends, beach toys, F&B and not forgetting garbage bags for the day out ok, See you there.


Wait for 3 weeks to arrived and finally received it today at the post office old airport so now I not need to use my custom L shape holder. 
I order it from online there can say is very cheap lah, Included the shipping not over USD$13.00 so is worth to buy lah. But I not really like the design, after I order it right and I found there is another brand one much better and look nicer. This one Ok lah.. not bad also as long as can use lah. The only this I not satisfied is cannot use in my car, have to think how to fit some where in the car now.

Can use for iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 too. 

Happy Birthday To Mr. Lim

Happy birthday to you.......
Happy birthday to you.......
Happy birthday to my father 74 years old this year wish you body strong strong healthy healthy and good good.......
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
Blow Blow Blow Blow............
the candles!!!!
Cut Cut Cut Cut.........
the cake!!!!!!

So...... Keep It At Home?

I just saw this message last night when I driving back home. Sorry I don't know how long already it been showing up there but I guess you people also know where is this right? I kinda love this message coz is so like my style. I know it's try to tell us "Do not using the mobile phone when we are driving" but I guess the board are too short to fit the sentence so make it into short.
I'm have a simple mind one so see and think things also straight straight one. I can't help it, this is me!
So no wrong that I think this is telling me I to keep my phone at home don't bring it to my car hahaha......
Ok lah forget above it lah but it true one, this day the mobile phone are not longer as a phone already but also a MP3, GPS, Navigator, Camera, Net Gear, Game Gear, Clock, Photo Album, Camcorder, Organizer and so and so and so.... How you to tell they are making a call or messaging during driving right? They can say they just change the next track of their song list or using the GPS searching for the house and so and so. There is always have a Lobang one so I think the best way is say 
"No Handheld Gadget Using When Driving" 
Ah like that lah...... then even a Vibrator also cannot use sudah
for massage your neck when driving so everyone can concentrate in driving liao.
But say true true one lah... Back to 20 years ago that time where got mobile phone, no mp3 , no digital camera, no gps, no this, no that same same also got car accident too..........
The major problem to cause car accidents is came from people who Careless one lah.
0.03 seconds of Careless also enough can cause a serious deadly accident and die far far already!!!!
So guys driving safety and don't Careless tu!!!!

Peace? Hahhahah

If you did play with the Angry Bird game then you must watch this video! Funny funny!!! If you didn't play it before and get one now if not you don't understand what the story about!

Go Left Or Go Right?

I don't know lah....
coz as far as I know when I was in Kindergarten school time our teacher already teach us Boy always use the boy toilet.... Girl goes to girl toilet Ok.... Boys never go into the Girl's toilet is understand???
YES TEACHER........ we said!!!!
So after some year some people grow up and notice that they are not a boy but is girl,  I have this question in my mind long time already and wondering which room they use but until today then I saw a ladyboy went into a Lady's room to do their things. Yes I understand that they always think they are "HER" but for us(male) no matter what they still "HE" unless he already 'potong' one sudah lah then I have nothing to say.  Ya la.... at home is Ok coz not different male or female also can use the same toilet. If is restaurant or office...still Ok lah one person one room use; some time I also went to the wrong room too. But if the restroom is bigger one type like hotel, shopping mall, hospital, cinema, Airport etc that can fit 5 to 10 people use one then How?

Is there anyone or public has already admitted Ladyboy can use Lady's rest room? 
I asked some of my female friends today and do they mind that 'They' using the lady room? 80% say yes. Some say they still think "They" are a Man shouldn't sharing with the real Woman rest room. And some say if she know the 'Person' long time already is Ok but what if that 'Person' is a fake 'Members' right?
So where should they go? If use the man's room sure don't know what's gonna happen......! Pity, pity!!!
P/s: I am not offended  to any members-membis here. They are humans too and need some "Spaces". Maybe someday somehow there is a Sign put on to show they can share with the Parental or Nursing room.
You Good, I Good And Everybody Good!!!

Beach Cleanup With STPRI's Year 9

This morning Beach Bunch has been invited by STPRI to participate in Serasa Beach clean up. The weather was nice of coz not for all people especially for the girls for is I like it yo. There is 52 year 9 students and 5 teacher from the school and from our side not much lah only got 7 people form Beach Bunch aiyo what to do Saturday mostly they all still working one.
We spend 1 hour to to the cleaning and segregate the garbage into Plastic bottle, Aluminum and General waste. And now I'm so sting like a dog and need to Pom Pom 1st. 
Wanna join us? Just visit the Beach Bunch Facebook Fan Page  and click be part of Beach Bunch too.

Ya... that is our Core Value but is not a easy task!!!

Yeah..... I know, I know I'm Sting Ok but it's worth for the day!!!

Segregate is the part mostly people don't like to do but is very important stage before it send to the recycle factory.

If you takut dirty.... then you cannot challenge with our Beach Bunch's Angels here!!! 

Having fun right girls??? Look at the beautiful sky we have here in Brunei!!!

So What I'm A Snail

I Can't Fly, I Can't Jump and I Can't Swim....... So What!!! I'm A Snail
I Can't Run, I Can't Roll and I Can't Sit............. So What!!! I'm A Snail
I Can't Sing, I Can't Talk and I Can't Smile....... So What!!! I'm A Snail
I Can't Stand, I Can't Hop and I Can't Flip........ So What!!! I'm A Snail

I Hate Dry, I Hate Hot and I Hate Bird............. So What!!! I'm A Snail
I Hate Salt, I Hate Beach and I Hate Sodium..... So What!!! I'm A Snail

I'm Slow, I'm Ugly and I'm Sticky........ So What!!! I'm A Snail

I'm Patient........ Because I'm A Snail!!!

Another Why......

Doesn't matter come with what colors as long as 3 difference colors and it only can found with the Female Cat. Never know why it only happen to Female Cat and I never see it with Male Cat have like that. Why ha??? Anyone know why??? Why why tell me why! 
I been looking for many years to search a 3 colors cat with male one which I want to proof I am wrong  but until now still haven't see one. 

Some people say Black cat is for Bad Luck then there must have a cat is mean for good luck one right? Got bad sure must got good, If this 3 colors which is true only for the Female I guess it can bring good luck to the owner then.
Agree 1 ???????

Do you see some restaurant or shop the owner place a toy cat on the counter there and the cat's one hand weaving there? That is call "Zhao Chai Mao". People believe this cat can bring their business good good. This things actually come from the Japan. According to the Japan's story it say long long time ago a man( some thing  like a governor ) went to a town and he is hungry but this is his 1st time visit the town and don't know where to find a  restaurant, then suddenly he saw a FAT CAT with 3 colors one sit in front of a door weaving him like calling him to come inside the house. So he went in to the house then he notice that is a restaurant then from day the restaurant business  getting better and better. So about this story people believe that the cat bring the restaurant good luck and then start to place the 3 colors cat in front their shop. so this how the story from lah.
So I just want to say and proof about the cat in the story. According the story of the cat that the man saw.
A Fat Cat with 3 colors...... mmmmmh maybe that is a Pregnant Cat and not a fat cat lah!!!
Agree 2 ???

Weaving then hand??? I think is the cat washing her face kali..... cat has a habit to do that one... if you have a cat you know how they do... it's just like brushing and cleaning the face, ears and whiskers. so front far it look like weaving you! 
So I guess that Japanese guys he saw is a 3 colors Pregnant cat washing her face in front of the door.
not a Big Fat 3 colors cat weaving at him to coming to the restaurant lah....
Maybe he is too hungry liao on that time that's why got illusion though the cat calling him.hahahaha
Agree 3????    

My Miri Trip Yesterday

Long time no go Miri for shopping there already and ngum ngum yesterday got PH so can bring my wife and Mother in law go there. The last time I went down to Miri is for the Miri Jazz Festival one only short short few months already some new building built and shop open. Wah.... Miri now develop very fast man.  DPP like that go one day sure can become a City liao tu!!!!

Anyway we went to a lot of places to do the shopping and things to eat. One of my favorite dishes is the fried stall 23's Kuih Tiao in the town market there. (Sorry is not halah one.) and also the old lady's LauSu Fen even my wife also say is good.

But of coz the whole day is doing the lady's shopping there. I only buy one CD which is the singer from KL one. So today's post I only like to show you some of the picture I took during the visit.

Miri Old Shop at the Town there.

More than half of the people there are the Miri's Senior Citizen. This is the good place for them to Lepak ! 

The Market Food Stall, Macam-macam makan ada but not Halah lah

My 5 stars voted Kiuh Tiao....

This one now is my wife's must eat food at Miri!

First time in my life I see this kind of "SIGN"
No way you can find this here.

Why we don't have this here but Miri got leh???? Are we behind them liao?????

Anyone want to buy DVD?
I love reading but not Books.... I wish I can be like them so I can be a Good Boy too....

My Wife said 'NO' for my baby............. boring!!!!

How come you can only find the Rojak's Sotong selling here Vege Market but not at the Fish Market there? That one also seafood right? Cali......

Nice classic MG

Just open not long ago in front E-Mart 

The Only thing I buy.