Toy Story 3+3D = Awesome

Me so long time no watching movie in cinema already. I remember the last time I watched is the "Meet Dave" together with my wife. Thanks to Rano and I have this chance to watch the premiere of Toy Story 3 with 3D. Is was so cool..... everything is pop out from the screen!!!!
The only problem with me is the 3D glasses coz my eyes can't wear contact lens so I have to wear my spectacle and together with the 3D glasses in the same time. It took me 10 minutes to used to it and some adjustment. At the 1st few minutes I feel dizzy but after awhile I started to enjoy the movie and it was awesome. I remember the 1st time I watch 3D movie is at the OGDC but of coz this one I watch is much better than the one back to the donkey years ago lah!
I really can't wait to watch the next movie again and especially those Ghost movie... I'm sure it gonna be screaming the whole movie there..hahahaha

Guys..... don't miss it!!! Really really cool!!!!

Thanis Lim and Tiger Lim got the ticket already....

 BruneiTweet are you begging tickets from Rano is it?

Me and Kurapak have a date... sweet!!!

Without the 3D glasses

With the glasses

Some more Popcorn?

Still want some more ka bro? Finish already lah the movie!

Enjoy the show right?