Spotted Something Interesting

I not feeling well this 2 day, don't know why la maybe is because the weather cause me sick la. I got nose bleeding and sore throat this 2 day. Kana panas kali...... I not trying to ask for pity me from you guys but just want to say you all better take care out there and drink water  lot lot!!!
 So what I do today? I went to the AsiaINCForum office there together with some Beach Bunch committees and we went there to meet the Executive  Director to have a talk talk. 
After the meeting when we walk out from the conference room and I saw an artwork hang beside the staircase  wall there really interesting. Please look at the photo below 

Have you see something unusual?
Yes is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!!! that is not the sticker dude. Is really part of the Art inside the frame! I wonder how much it worth!!!!

Ok then after I step out from the office and grab my car and I saw my Ex-Wife!!!!!
Is my car lah.... the Mazda Mx-5. I sold it few months ago. Finally I saw her again. But now she have a brand new look. From green to blue. Nice color paint! Hope her new owner taking real good care of her.

Last thing is this!!! I spotted this at the Gadong Hua Ho(under the highway) signboard there.
This is new here. The Marriage Agency!!!
Wow.... I thought this only have at other country. Now here already have too. But I wondering who are they arrange? Local or oversea matching? and how they charge!!!
Anyone who want to try??? 

p/s: don't ask me to translate in English(full) 
basically is like"Are you lonely? Need a Partner? Looking for a life time partner? bla bla bla bla dail this numbers!!!