So Disappointed

I love to watch this famous Japan Cartoon back to the 80's, I can say I was grow up with watching this. During my young time I have his comic and video tape of this 鬼太郎 Ghost Boy. This cartoon is above the legend of all the Japanese ghost one. 
So one day I had heard in Brunei there is a new Japanese food restaurant open some day in this year so today I decide to go for a try.
I also got buy this movie too but of coz is pirate one la!

Maybe is because I put too much hope in their food and that is why I not satisfied with what I have in their restaurant. 
Me and wife went to this Japanese food restaurant at the centerpoint there for lunch. Good environment, decor and the service but the food wasn't that I expected that good. First they wasn't have much choice with their menu and not that detail and pictures unless you are really really familiar with Japanese cuisine then you shouldn't have problem with that! But of coz most of the people here eat japanese food is by looking the picture, don't you think so?
We both really feel disappointed of what we have. Too much sesame street oil in our salad and the beef don wasn't that good too. Beef is not that soft and over cook again. 
I don't know why I don't have the  faith with that place, back to the previous restaurant like Takara I also not really like to dine there. Don't know la.. maybe is the Fong Sui doesn't suitable me to eat there.
Sorry 鬼太郎 your restaurant is not in my list!