The Power of Mother Natural

Isn't it awesome and look at what mother natural did on this masterpiece. This is really really priceless and I don't think the owner wanted to let go this special and only Purple Crystal Gems.
Do you think of what I think it looks like? Ya lah it looks like a human male sex organ. 
Sorry if you think this picture look nasty ya but I'm not trying to make my blog into with those XXX site anyway I think this is really worth to share with you all of what I had saw today.
I spotted this amazing thing today in one of the shop. Actually I see this couple of time already but only today I notice from some kind of angle it could be look like a penis. After some imagination with this thing I come out with thinking of " Where is the other part of the side " If they both joining together would there be some kind of Lights or Magic or Viagra Power come out with.. hahhahahahahah
I'm thinking too much liao!!!