No Mood......

Is because the weather lo.... Hot Hot Hot!!! 3 days already like this weather, Me started cannot tahan man, This kind of weather easily make people sick one you know especially you in/out the room with aircon one!! Aiyo better remember to drink lot of water o friend. 
Anyway that's the reason why I malas go out see see look look around. So hot out there how to use my scooter to jalan jalan see any thing to coverage O!!! The UV too strong already this few day. Don't want lah later I look like Chaka Khan's brother how? So better stay at home at the moment!
Anyway this morning I went to one of the just new open Indian's restaurant and at Jalan Tutong there for breakfast and I saw their menu have this "Banana Leaf Lunch" but only serve on Friday to Sunday.
It looks delicious lah friends, I'm sure going to try this Once upon a time, Lagi pun I never have this kind of dishes review in my blog here! Anyone want to join me? You Pay, I Eat!!!