Lightning Strike

Remember last night the rain and the lightning none stop keep Bing Bing Bang Bang on the Bandar's Sky? It was horrify right? That time I was shopping at the Mabohai Supa Save there with my wife. 
Inside the supermarket we already can feel how strong is it with the rain, lightning and the thunder too
The sound of the thunder very loud man!!! Piannnnng.......Pannnggg......,Booonnmmmmm.....very Jialat man.
At that time the 1st thing in my mind is the cartoon show back to 80's Thunder Cat!
I always sing this song if there is a thunder come!!! Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Cat!!
In 80's this is one of the famous cartoon that we like to watch. 

Then this morning I heard my maid say last night there is a lightning strike on one of the house which is just next to my brother house. Don't know this is good luck or bad luck coz their house already been strike by the lightning 2 times this year. Same place but more powerful this time.
First hit the roof top then by pass hit on the garage roof and then pass through again hit on the car and break windshield. Omg... you can see that how strong this that the lightning. 

See.... the ceramic root was exploded after hit by the lightning and fly every way. Lucky my brother's car didn't park near that area otherwise also kana one!!
There a big hole with the garage roof now.

Hopefully only this windshield was damage by the lightning but I guest the car electronic stuff also bye bye one lah!!!