For the past four year I had posted nearly 700 posts in my blog here and that the reason why now I had out of free space for my blog. So I have no choose to then have to buy some more space for it but the problem it has to take more then 24 hours to fix it. So no I have no choose to wait until it done then baru I can post some more picture, video to show you guys the activities.
Today is Sunday then suppose I got my "A Day of TIGER.LIM™" post in my blog, sorry no picture to post. I try to update is again tomorrow to see how if there is still cannot then I have no choice to delate some old post! 
I got some feedback from my friends that they say I have to delate some old post but I think is sayang if I delate it. Maybe I spend some time to delate those post that wasn't interesting. So for those few reader of my blog be hurry to look back my old post coz I going to delate it some soon!!!

Updated 10:30pm
Ok now my blog back in business. sorry for disappointed you all today. I so tired today, is not because of I wake up too early this morning for the Pakiatan Walkerthon is because last night I have attend my friend's son birthday party and this is because why I late go back home sleep.  
So I only manage to post a little things today the whole afternoon I just sleep and sleep!

Good Morning @anakbrunei 

Good Morning @ranoadidas
Good Morning @kurapak

Good Morning @Sophia

Good Morning @Justin.P

Good Morning Everyone!!!
Today United Daily 
I'm not really like they translate my chinese name here 林泰克(Lim Tai Ker) 
Why not 老虎林(LaoHuLim/Tigerlim)? T.T

Congrats to Beach Bunch