Come Come Come....

Guys... I just came back from there. Start at 2pm later... see you there. 
more picture i posted @ my @harimaulim  twitter! Sorry I can't post some more picture or video in my blog here the reason is because my storage space is full...full..full!!! For all the post I did at this 4 years, I used 8GB already. So now I have out of space. Now I need to buy 20GB for my blog here. It take 24 hours to fix it. so sorry folks today I can't post anymore picture or video here. Anyway I still have the twitter there can post picture and my Youtude too. 
Ok so don't forget to drop by here the Pusat Ehsan there for the carity bazaar. If today you can't make it never mind tomorrow is have. And also don't forget to join me for the Walkerthon @ Berakas National Stadium.