Chinese's Cemetery

No no no no no no no no........ No body died today!!!! Don't get me wrong Ok! It just that someone from Labuan which is my mother relative came to Brunei they wan to pray for their ancestor. Why all of sudden one? I don't know and I don't want to know that one is people's business la.
So today my mission is to help my mother to be a driver and bring them to the Chinese's Cemetery at the Berakas there. I long time no come here already. Normally only got people died(friends or relative) then I come. The cemetery was so huge I guess there was about 2 football field size there.... Of coz cannot compare with other country one lah. After so many year I didn't come, now I can imagine how many chinese people died already for the pass years.
Of coz.... the land here are getting limited liao,  sooner or later died people also got no place to go.
And that's the reason why now people are more encourage to use burn type!
More easy and convenient.
Burn already then  just throw into the sea. Ash to ash, Dust to dust lah!!!
Some how not need to worry the generation will come to clean or visit your graveyard or not loh!
For me if one day I died liao I want to use burn one and then my ash spread it out into jars, bottles or tubes and giving to all my Family, Friends and Fans for souvenir.
Isn't that great idea?
So whoever want my ashes and please enroll now and mail to me your contact number and mailing address. So if one day I didn't update my blog for a long period time then you should ready to receive me soon!!! 

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