Boustead Family Day 2010

Boustead Family Day lai loh.... 
Went  there this morning and already see a lot of families there sudah. Ya lah of coz morning not that hot ma right! The event start from this morning 9am until 7pm. They got games to play, foods to eat, souvenir  to buy and also have the Grand Draw for the both Nissan and Suzuki Hari Raya Promotion.
I left early because have to go airport to pick up my mother in law came back from India, so don't know who is the winner.
And one of the best part is you can have a chance to sit inside the Nissan GT-R and have a ride with their pro driver!!! So nice man.... I eat until now old still haven't got a chance to sit inside there. Sayang lah I missed!!! Hopefully the Boustead GM one day can borrow it for me to test test man......heheheheh
Boss...Don't worry I not a Kopi 'O' License one!!!
And at the end of the day money which raised from the sale of coupons will go directly to the Pakistan Flood Victims Humanitarian Fund.

Some Nissan and Suzuki  merchandise also available to buy here
p/s: not include the 3 ladies Ok!!!   

Coloring contest for kids

Foods, garments, cosmetic, accessory macan macan ada.......  

Walauman....... Food Blogger Thanis Lim also got a booth here and selling his sotong satay......
So how is the business? Good or not ha??? 

Wah..... another blogger Senor Pablo also come too. He told me that once I have try his wife home made  Durian Mousse and can feel like forget the whole world for 5 minutes..... Don't Play Play man!!!

The online shopping I Fusion Square also taking part too!