The Best Taiwan Beef Noodle In Town

I want to show you where to look for the best "Taiwan Beef Noodle" in Brunei. I'm not kidding and I can say their TBN is the best I ever try so far. I'm try the two restaurant at Kiulap there one next to the bread shop and the other one next to vegetarian restaurant one, still not as good as this one I want to introduce to all.
"Seri Mashalina Restaurant"
Is located inside the Gadong Centerpoint Food Court there. So easy to find and don't tell me you don't know where lah unless you are foreigner. So if you really don't know where is it then just follow and remember the picture below and go Gadong see see look look there.

There you go.... just come here Jaya and then turn right then you can easily find the food court inside there.  

Then just walk till the end, All the way still the last store.

 This is it, their store is just next to the Toilet!!!!

It use to be B$4.50 last time but now now more but still worth to eat!!!

Their noodle is making by themselves, Serious you actually hard to find a restaurant or foods store in Brunei that they serve they noodle is making by themselves. So far this is the only one I found in Brunei that have home make noodle and is really taste good.

I have 4 pieces of beef and size like a golf ball and it soft like a cotton in my bowl. I not really good to use words to describe how good is it but my wife she is not a beef noodle lover yet also say it taste really good. It really soft with the beef and the taste too.

Don't cheated by the soup. No steam doesn't mean not hot ok.... I really love this soup man!!!

See.... Don't Play Play, I really finish everything here except the plastic bowl, spoon and chopstick.
Is really good, But of coz good things not every time have there. FYI their TBN got limited edition per day one. So don't blame me if you go there and they told you OUT of ORDER with it!!!
So I suggest you go eat it on Lunch Time!!!
I Guarantee You Won't Regret one!!!