Banana Leaf Rice

Remember few days ago that I  tell you I'm going to try the Banana leaf wan? I suppose wanted to try yesterday(Friday) but when I reach there and it was full house so I postpone to try it today. As the menu mention there they only serve it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So after you read this tomorrow to still can go and try it otherwise to have to wait until next weekend liao!
So ok where is the place? Is very simple to find one. It located at the Batu Satu Seri Complex there. Same block as the Lucky restaurant, Alpolo tailer there. Their restaurant are called Rajah's Restaurant and Catering. Have you heard about it? They just open not long ago but the some say the boss is the same boss of the Popular Restaurant! 
 It seem to be everyone come here os to eat the Banana leaf rice here. There is 2 choice Vegi or non-vegi
and for me I try the non-vegi with mutton. If you eat this right I suggest you to use hands to eat... atu baru la nyaman!!!! I don't know la.. I found that if use spoon macam the kick wasn't there! Some time after few hours already to still can smell back the food on the finger! Siok man.. I like to do that everytime. FYI infect you can ask for refill the rice and vegi with no extra charge but I'm not sure the mutton can refill or not la! I worth to go try there if you like the Indian Food!