Boustead Family Day 2010

Boustead Family Day lai loh.... 
Went  there this morning and already see a lot of families there sudah. Ya lah of coz morning not that hot ma right! The event start from this morning 9am until 7pm. They got games to play, foods to eat, souvenir  to buy and also have the Grand Draw for the both Nissan and Suzuki Hari Raya Promotion.
I left early because have to go airport to pick up my mother in law came back from India, so don't know who is the winner.
And one of the best part is you can have a chance to sit inside the Nissan GT-R and have a ride with their pro driver!!! So nice man.... I eat until now old still haven't got a chance to sit inside there. Sayang lah I missed!!! Hopefully the Boustead GM one day can borrow it for me to test test man......heheheheh
Boss...Don't worry I not a Kopi 'O' License one!!!
And at the end of the day money which raised from the sale of coupons will go directly to the Pakistan Flood Victims Humanitarian Fund.

Some Nissan and Suzuki  merchandise also available to buy here
p/s: not include the 3 ladies Ok!!!   

Coloring contest for kids

Foods, garments, cosmetic, accessory macan macan ada.......  

Walauman....... Food Blogger Thanis Lim also got a booth here and selling his sotong satay......
So how is the business? Good or not ha??? 

Wah..... another blogger Senor Pablo also come too. He told me that once I have try his wife home made  Durian Mousse and can feel like forget the whole world for 5 minutes..... Don't Play Play man!!!

The online shopping I Fusion Square also taking part too!

Lightning Strike

Remember last night the rain and the lightning none stop keep Bing Bing Bang Bang on the Bandar's Sky? It was horrify right? That time I was shopping at the Mabohai Supa Save there with my wife. 
Inside the supermarket we already can feel how strong is it with the rain, lightning and the thunder too
The sound of the thunder very loud man!!! Piannnnng.......Pannnggg......,Booonnmmmmm.....very Jialat man.
At that time the 1st thing in my mind is the cartoon show back to 80's Thunder Cat!
I always sing this song if there is a thunder come!!! Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Cat!!
In 80's this is one of the famous cartoon that we like to watch. 

Then this morning I heard my maid say last night there is a lightning strike on one of the house which is just next to my brother house. Don't know this is good luck or bad luck coz their house already been strike by the lightning 2 times this year. Same place but more powerful this time.
First hit the roof top then by pass hit on the garage roof and then pass through again hit on the car and break windshield. Omg... you can see that how strong this that the lightning. 

See.... the ceramic root was exploded after hit by the lightning and fly every way. Lucky my brother's car didn't park near that area otherwise also kana one!!
There a big hole with the garage roof now.

Hopefully only this windshield was damage by the lightning but I guest the car electronic stuff also bye bye one lah!!!   

Chinese's Cemetery

No no no no no no no no........ No body died today!!!! Don't get me wrong Ok! It just that someone from Labuan which is my mother relative came to Brunei they wan to pray for their ancestor. Why all of sudden one? I don't know and I don't want to know that one is people's business la.
So today my mission is to help my mother to be a driver and bring them to the Chinese's Cemetery at the Berakas there. I long time no come here already. Normally only got people died(friends or relative) then I come. The cemetery was so huge I guess there was about 2 football field size there.... Of coz cannot compare with other country one lah. After so many year I didn't come, now I can imagine how many chinese people died already for the pass years.
Of coz.... the land here are getting limited liao,  sooner or later died people also got no place to go.
And that's the reason why now people are more encourage to use burn type!
More easy and convenient.
Burn already then  just throw into the sea. Ash to ash, Dust to dust lah!!!
Some how not need to worry the generation will come to clean or visit your graveyard or not loh!
For me if one day I died liao I want to use burn one and then my ash spread it out into jars, bottles or tubes and giving to all my Family, Friends and Fans for souvenir.
Isn't that great idea?
So whoever want my ashes and please enroll now and mail to me your contact number and mailing address. So if one day I didn't update my blog for a long period time then you should ready to receive me soon!!! 

Don't Play Play...Toyota Alphard also have now for the "Down Stair" people. 3.0 V6 7seater plus a loyal and safety driver! Very cheap less then $30.00 only... Just burn to them is more cheaper than in our real life here selling 50k plus.

Charity Car Wash @ Empire Hotel

Start from today until the end of November 2010 every weekend(Saturday&Sunday) from 8am-5pm at the Empire Hotel Atrium Car park they having the charity car wash for everyone. Wash IN & OUT only for B$5.00
and all the money were donate for the Pakistan Flooded Fund!
Come guys.... bring your lovely car for them to wash, Clean your car and at the same time do charity... Why not right?

My Mini Me!!!!

Hahahahaha....... This is awesome brother!!! The Jet Li movie "The One" is real!!!! Some one out there is true gonna look like you! See my another "ME" from Malaysia! Thanks to PG Loi he is the one who found my "ME" in KL. My " Mini Me" real name is called  Justin Low he is from Ipoh.
I wondering in the movie "The One" could be real or not oh? What if the other me die liao and would my power getting stronger or not oh!hehehehe of coz lah all of this it just the movie not real one!
I always have this idea in my mind. If I can create a website call "Who Looks Like Me" or "Looks Alike". In the site it's just like the facebook but the difference things is after you upload your picture in there then it were automatic help you to the find the person in the world who looks like you. 
Then you can make friends with someone out there who looks like yourself.... isn't that great? Then I'm sure I gonna be rich and my site is gonna be the top website in the world after the Facebook has create... hahahahahah. 

Picture taken from PG LOI photo album

Please vote for how many percents that we look alike in my chat box

The Lunch

Alright... let's talk about the food here. We having the lunch at the Empire Theater during the the forum.
Appetizer is good but I was a bit disappointed with the main course. First of all I myself don't really like to eat fish, Yes I'm not a fish lover but once come to hungry no choice lah... die die also have to eat liao this time. But from my point of view I still think this is not tasty lo, the combination of the meal wasn't that good. Fish mix with the smash potato.... bad combination but if change to bake potato, yes this is much better! and some how the presentation also not so good looking too. Can eat pulang but just not that right lo. I like the dessert very much. it wasn't that sweet and rich in the chocolate!   

Think Big Technology Forum

This is so great that I have a opportunity to attend this forum and is turn out so great Full house!!!
Talking about how the technologic on our daily life... how it has change.
One thing I like to see here is most of the attendants here are using Apple gadgets like iPhone and Macbook Pro. Due to the copy right sorry I can't show you the video and what have the speaker said!
For more info for the AsiaIncForum you can visit their wed site here to have a look! 

This Game Make Me Stay At Home

Enough enough..... I gonna stop playing this game now. I spend 2 day to finish all the level and my eyes started see things blur blur now. Spend too much time and too concentrated with it.
This is the reason why I not much thing post in my blog loh. Everyday stay at home playing with this
Angry Birds 2nd version AB Halloween. If you have play the 1st one sure you gonna like this 2nd version and it has some new birdies in there too. Strongly recommended you to try this apps.
If you have any good apps and games please come and share with me here in my chat box here. Thanks 

Toy Story 3+3D = Awesome

Me so long time no watching movie in cinema already. I remember the last time I watched is the "Meet Dave" together with my wife. Thanks to Rano and I have this chance to watch the premiere of Toy Story 3 with 3D. Is was so cool..... everything is pop out from the screen!!!!
The only problem with me is the 3D glasses coz my eyes can't wear contact lens so I have to wear my spectacle and together with the 3D glasses in the same time. It took me 10 minutes to used to it and some adjustment. At the 1st few minutes I feel dizzy but after awhile I started to enjoy the movie and it was awesome. I remember the 1st time I watch 3D movie is at the OGDC but of coz this one I watch is much better than the one back to the donkey years ago lah!
I really can't wait to watch the next movie again and especially those Ghost movie... I'm sure it gonna be screaming the whole movie there..hahahaha

Guys..... don't miss it!!! Really really cool!!!!

Thanis Lim and Tiger Lim got the ticket already....

 BruneiTweet are you begging tickets from Rano is it?

Me and Kurapak have a date... sweet!!!

Without the 3D glasses

With the glasses

Some more Popcorn?

Still want some more ka bro? Finish already lah the movie!

Enjoy the show right?

Buddha Dance

For more video of this Master Zhuang Yaun you can click his link here.
Or this is link to his youtube channel  

The Power of Mother Natural

Isn't it awesome and look at what mother natural did on this masterpiece. This is really really priceless and I don't think the owner wanted to let go this special and only Purple Crystal Gems.
Do you think of what I think it looks like? Ya lah it looks like a human male sex organ. 
Sorry if you think this picture look nasty ya but I'm not trying to make my blog into with those XXX site anyway I think this is really worth to share with you all of what I had saw today.
I spotted this amazing thing today in one of the shop. Actually I see this couple of time already but only today I notice from some kind of angle it could be look like a penis. After some imagination with this thing I come out with thinking of " Where is the other part of the side " If they both joining together would there be some kind of Lights or Magic or Viagra Power come out with.. hahhahahahahah
I'm thinking too much liao!!!

So Disappointed

I love to watch this famous Japan Cartoon back to the 80's, I can say I was grow up with watching this. During my young time I have his comic and video tape of this 鬼太郎 Ghost Boy. This cartoon is above the legend of all the Japanese ghost one. 
So one day I had heard in Brunei there is a new Japanese food restaurant open some day in this year so today I decide to go for a try.
I also got buy this movie too but of coz is pirate one la!

Maybe is because I put too much hope in their food and that is why I not satisfied with what I have in their restaurant. 
Me and wife went to this Japanese food restaurant at the centerpoint there for lunch. Good environment, decor and the service but the food wasn't that I expected that good. First they wasn't have much choice with their menu and not that detail and pictures unless you are really really familiar with Japanese cuisine then you shouldn't have problem with that! But of coz most of the people here eat japanese food is by looking the picture, don't you think so?
We both really feel disappointed of what we have. Too much sesame street oil in our salad and the beef don wasn't that good too. Beef is not that soft and over cook again. 
I don't know why I don't have the  faith with that place, back to the previous restaurant like Takara I also not really like to dine there. Don't know la.. maybe is the Fong Sui doesn't suitable me to eat there.
Sorry 鬼太郎 your restaurant is not in my list!

UBD Student Project @ Centerpoint Food Court

The Best Taiwan Beef Noodle In Town

I want to show you where to look for the best "Taiwan Beef Noodle" in Brunei. I'm not kidding and I can say their TBN is the best I ever try so far. I'm try the two restaurant at Kiulap there one next to the bread shop and the other one next to vegetarian restaurant one, still not as good as this one I want to introduce to all.
"Seri Mashalina Restaurant"
Is located inside the Gadong Centerpoint Food Court there. So easy to find and don't tell me you don't know where lah unless you are foreigner. So if you really don't know where is it then just follow and remember the picture below and go Gadong see see look look there.

There you go.... just come here Jaya and then turn right then you can easily find the food court inside there.  

Then just walk till the end, All the way still the last store.

 This is it, their store is just next to the Toilet!!!!

It use to be B$4.50 last time but now now more but still worth to eat!!!

Their noodle is making by themselves, Serious you actually hard to find a restaurant or foods store in Brunei that they serve they noodle is making by themselves. So far this is the only one I found in Brunei that have home make noodle and is really taste good.

I have 4 pieces of beef and size like a golf ball and it soft like a cotton in my bowl. I not really good to use words to describe how good is it but my wife she is not a beef noodle lover yet also say it taste really good. It really soft with the beef and the taste too.

Don't cheated by the soup. No steam doesn't mean not hot ok.... I really love this soup man!!!

See.... Don't Play Play, I really finish everything here except the plastic bowl, spoon and chopstick.
Is really good, But of coz good things not every time have there. FYI their TBN got limited edition per day one. So don't blame me if you go there and they told you OUT of ORDER with it!!!
So I suggest you go eat it on Lunch Time!!!
I Guarantee You Won't Regret one!!!