With HDR, Without HDR

Ok so this is how it looks like with the HDR function lah. As you can see if you take the photo using the HDR mode it auto save the 2 picture with and without HDR. Sometime we not need to use that function one I suggest you use shooting outdoor which got see the sky one is better la.

As you can see from here the photo I took from my window. The 1st one is very sharp and bright but it turn out the sky is full white and the darker place not show up.

But on the HDR mode here you can even see the blue sky and also the flower pot can see too. That is because the theHDR mode has take two picture in the same time one bright one dark and join both together and I come out a wonderful perfect picture.

Ok here are another picture in garden. Look at the white sky and the other one is blue sky... which one is better?

Of coz this one with HDR mode is better la right!!!!

Without HDR mode.

With HDR mode.......
See good good right? And now I can use this new mode to take nice and wonderful picture without sakit kepala sudah!!! 
I love iPhone!!!!