Why Is Here?

I don't know.... I really don't know why this thing is here. I see this thing lying here next to roundabout to Beribi there for quit some time sudah! If I'm not wrong there is almost 3 week there already. All I can say is the poster was really good quality printed coz so many days already under the sun and rain and yet is still the colors didn't fade. So today I can't stand no more, it really make me want to know what is the poster in there. So I took this picture and zoom it using my Mac then I see the words FREELIFE then I cari using google. Guess what I found? This is some kind of health drinks GoChi.
GoChi is kind of chinese herbs is very very common one mostly we used it for cooking.
Apalah... I thought what so special is it GoChi saja ma... Any supermarket here also can buy la!
But whatever is that I think that poster is shouldn't be there...