Triple Celebration At Manjaro Restaurant

Celebrating  my daughter and mother in law's birthday both born same day and month at the Kiulap Manjaro restaurant including Me in the Brunei Times paper. Incase you miss the paper you also can read it by clicking HERE
So now what is popular for kids? I personal think is the kids Tv show name "Timmy Time" 
Now my daughter very like it( actually the father like it one) so my wife order the Timmy and  friends cake for her. I can say this is the best and most look alike cake. Is so cute and beautiful.... cute until we all don't think would like to eat them. If you also interested to order can can click Mischade Gallery to contact them. But one thing I must tell you first oh..... "Look Good Doesn't Mean Taste Good Too"
But true true one la.. this day people's birthday where got still like to eat cake as we like last time. Now the cake only just for meaning meaning to do only. when you give to the your guess mostly people don't like to eat sudah always say Full lah... No Thanks.. or Already Have One Just Now!
 So I suggest you people just order this type of cake lagi better at least not so big and not need to worry people do wanna help you to finish it!