Taty's Cafe

Have you ever heard this Taty's Cafe which located the Muara town there? At the same block building with the BIBD bank right on the end of the shop. Is very easy to find one lah. 
So what so good about it? No good I will not introduce to you all guys lah right! No doubt the place was a bit far for us but compare with the Seria Kolomee or the KB Rojak this one is nearer loh..... right!
For the Muara residents maybe you people know it already- I guess so! So who haven't know it yet and let me show you the place.
They are selling something like the pasar malam food one but of coz their food's taste are must better then them. They have nasi lemak, sandwich, kebab, burger and grill chicken etc... Still nothing special right but you wrong... I strongly recommended you to try their LAMB BURGER and the Grill Chicken. Is totally different than the others one. Especially their Grill Chicken really nice but for me one is not enough must eat two, so if the chicken can grow bigger a bit is much better lah. My wife she say she love it very much and hope that I can bring her there again. For me I just like the Lamb burger, I know some where in Senkurong there also got one selling Lamb Burger too but I haven't try So don't know how is it
and cannot compare. But I think this is very good already with the Taty's Lamb Burger
 ( maybe one day I'll try the senkurong one and compare compare see how)

Not only the foods I think is good even their shop concept also good. The owner of Taty's cafe actually  allow you to write your words on their wall too... all you have to do is ask for the marker pen from the staff and with a FEW conditions 
and make sure you sign with your name properly and so people can read is your words mana tau one day become famous leh right!!!
I really love the place and I'm sure I'll go there again and try their other dish like the Lamb Kebab or the Ritds Beef Cutlets. I guess they mainly doing the Tapao business that's why they don't putting any tissue on the table ( table also not much and small too )  but you can have it on the bar table there. 
but the problem is Malas leh...... So after you makan by using yout hand sure you gonna do the same thing as I am( see picture below) 
Opps... Almost forgot their secret recipes sauce... really matched with their Grill Chicken!!!
Must try!!!