Sure Got Pay!!!

Walan eh...... on top the roof there working alone and no safety equipment later if fall down sure very Jialat one man..... But no worries la if your boss got buy insurance with that company sure the payment come out very fast one. Their staff sure be the 1st one who reach to the crime scene. 

One thing here are very bad is most of the company here they didn't give their staff a proper standard safety knowledge and equipment provided one. Many time we can see some worker are risky their life and doing the work. Don't say far la just talk about those people who cutting the grass one or those big advertising company people who set the advertising at road side one some time when we pass by them then we notice they are working there! If in night time lagi worst!!!

As my opinion I think we should have a Labor Safety Department here just like other place.
To ensure there is safety enough for the workers to work just like the Shell one.... everything must be safety come first.