Strange Strange Strange

Is Bird, Is UFO, Is Superman? No this time is really the Airplane!!!!
But Strange here.... Because you hardly see two commercial aircraft flying together at the same time. The Speed and direction is in the same same. 
Guess what plane is that? I think is the Boeing 767 and the 777 at behind both also belong to the RBA one( if I'm not juling lah or correcting me if I'm wrong) Anyway I spotted this scenario behind my backyard sky. At first I only see one saja then all of sudden the other one come out from the cloud. I'm not sure why like this or what they doing maybe is because they test the new plane or taking picture there. You take me I take you!!! If is not that then I don't know sudah!!!  

Here are the some combo pictures I took yesterday at 5.30pm. Sorry for that bad quality picture coz I not using those high end camera one....