New Things To Post!!!!

What I mean the new thing to post is not the Really Thing/Object to posts. What I mean is some thing different way to post here. I'm thinking to try post something I usually not doing in my blog one. Maybe I should do this once a week. "A Day of TIGER.LIM™"
Yalah.... basically it just the whole day of what have I do/go and I just post here. Maybe some of you had notice that I normally no update my blog on the Sunday one. The reason is because I spend more time doing with the FAMILY DAY stuff here. Blogger also need off day too one ma right? hehehe
Anyway so this is my 1st post of the "ADoTL™" The style is I'm not going to telling much thing here just only the picture or maybe just a title on it saja! Hope you guys like it

Open Houe. 
Thanks for invite
Shopping@Time Square
FUN and