Man's Classic Toy!!!

Today I clean up my room and I found something that long time I have see it already. 
This is my birthday present back in 1997/1998 which is 13 years ago that time when I was 23/24 years old. I remember to only play it less then a week only then after that she just sleep under the bed reason is because I don't have a
big space for her. The track long 8 feet and 4 feet wide so you tell me where to fix in my little tinny room some how that time my niece always come to my room kacau here and kacau there one. So I only play it for a while saja.
That time I was very crazy about the F1 and if I'm not mistaken that time is the Damon Hill(B&H/jordan) vs Michael Schumacher(Marlboro/Ferrari)  time.
As you can see the Ferrari is red color and B&H is yellow and that why I bought it for me!
Unbelievable this thing is still working and I have fun just now in my apartment. It took me 1 hours to set  up the track and my back is pain now.
But now still the problem come again coz I'm not sure how long I gonna put her in the living room reason my daughter sure one day walk on the high way one.... Some how I'm sure my wife one day gonna tell me to put it back to the store one..... So I selling off this Classic racing toy to someone out there. If you interested with it please let me know and tell me your price.
I'm not so sure this classic toy still selling in Brunei or not but as fas as I know macam no more selling this already. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think I have some wrong info about the years during their F1 Team. What to do.. that was the donkey years story sudah lo! wrong also common one la.