中秋節。Mid-Autumn Festival

Just came back for the Bandar Chinese Temple there and can't wait to post the picture I took there. All the picture I took is using my iPhone 4 with the HDR mode. I see the picture is good but off coz cannot compare with DSLR camera lah... but for the phone camera with is quality I think is really good liao!!!

Ok if you missed the festival don't worry coz tomorrow there is one more show but of coz not gonna as much people as today la! The people there just now banyak sekali la... Inside full outside also full. Malay, India, Orang putih also come to see the Chinese Opera show and also a lot of Photographer fans taking picture there too really happening there. 

Some of you may want to ask me why there is the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Chinese culture?
Is a very long story la... click HERE if you want to know!