JUMP In Brunei

JUMP - Korean Comic Martial Arts Performance

If i did go to see I also didn't know is was so good one. After the show thenI go back home and check their profile baru then I know they are so famous around the world. They did perform at Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, England...... many many country already. 
Thanks to the Embassy if the Republic of Korea in Brunei, Korea Foundation and Pan Bright Travel Service and we have a chance to watch it FREE!!! Thank you thank you
Although they are from Korea but you not need to understand Korean to watch their show. The whole night it just say WU....Ha..... Wo..... HAHAHA..... WAh....... Hey..... that!
They not need talking one but the whole night you can laugh like hell... laugh until you smile go out the theater.
I have so much fun and enjoy watching their performance with my wife. Sorry if you missed their show but don't worry you can found their video in the youtube. 

This are the two ticket I for me and my wife.

Luckily I clever enough to use the another road masuk Empire coz the car jam until to the main highway..... 

Seriously if there is someone's family is like that.... They are the most funny family in the world sudah!!! 

Don't play play.... see full house man!!! nearly 3 thousand people came to watch this show!

The show just start for 5 minute and we all laugh until tears come out!

Rano said this is not counted!!!! Fine, I get you again next time dude!!!

Here are some intro of the JUMP