Ericson-1950 VS iPhone4-2010

So who will win??? A Vantage 1950 bell system rotary desk telephone made in England by Ericsson 
The latest 2010 iPhone4 digital touch screen mobile smart phone made in USA by Apple?

Someone ask me about the last words I say in the Brunei Times paper what do I mean by the
" Don't Forget the Basic"
Is a very simple thing just like the Phone. I believe everyone of you have a handphone right now with you kan? But before that you had the mobile phone what phone we use to contact people? The JTB land line phone right!!! Of coz this day everyone house still have the land line phone. How many of you the house still have this classing phone lagi! No much kan? Even those have also is that pressing or cordless  type not the dial up one. The reason why we no using this classing phone is because of it's don't have the # and * on it because back into the late 80's when JTB started introduce the "PAGER" to public and that's the time the dial up phone is get into the history. When we paging the number must use the #and * one if not we can't page. So now of coz no more people using the pager lagi, if got the person are sooooo outdated one. Indeed mobile phone are much better then the land line one but still no matter how good is it we still really really need a land line phone at home coz it always do the best at last therapy.
Do you STILL remember that this Classic phone is the only phone that even your house or the whole kampong has no electric already  but it still call? Big winds big rain is still can call. Doesn't matter how high your house or how deep in the jungle is still can call. There is no such thing is call " No Battery", "No Signal" or "No Credit"  with it.... It won't "HANG" and not need to update software and 100% you hardly hear the lady say "The number you have dial is unreachable, please try again later!!!" Correct?

So this is one of the example of what I mean don't forget the basic la. Is true now days many people where got keep the "Basic" in their mind one! Like driving last time we learn is Green mean Go, Red mean Stop and Yellow mean ready to slow down. But now we people all are GREEN is GO!!! RED is JUST GO!!! the YELLOW is GO FASTER!!!!! true or not????
see this is what we all don't use the Basic things daily sudah lo!!!

So which one is the winner? Doesn't matter long as can use to call up someone sudah la!!!

Don't play play.... this phone already got 50 years old sudah and unbelievable she is working until now but of coz we seldom use it la... is heavy and no volume control, mostly we use the cordless ones unless there is no power supply some that day!!!

One thing I cannot tahan is the ringer.... wah really really loud man!!! If we open the door the neighbor also can hear our home phone ring. 
Too bad this button not working anymore.

Do you know why you have to listen before dialing and I just notice that the Dialing is double LL one!!!

SEE??? Is ERICSSON lah and Made In England !!! Don't play play..... Is true one lah last time the things are very tahan one.