Darling Ah..... I Just Bought This, Nice Or Not?

Husband: Nice......... Very Nice! How you much you buy Honey?
Wife: You Guess lah......
Husband: I malas to guess lah, As long as you love and happy with the it everything is Ok one..... So how much?
Wife: Is very Cheap..... RM$3000.00
Wife: Cheap right?
Husband: I want to get marry another wife!

Ya I know you think is this funny right? If you have follow my twitter maybe you know that I went to Bukit Beruang there to visit my mother in law's friend Open House.
The wife told us this "GRASS" sell in Malaysia there for Rm$3000.00 can you believe that? And the husband say is true and the Malaysia there new paper also got report this and we all just open our mouth and say Ha? what? 3k for this plant with no name and place outside the house?
For me the plant plus the pot don't even reach the 100 dollars but why some people out there they willingly to pay such a amount money to buy this.

 I don't know this story is true or not but I'm sure that somewhere in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand some rich people really rich until no place to put their money and they went to buy something very expensive which actually is cheap.
Like back to 80's people there are crazy about the Arowana, 90's is the Fresh water Angle Fish and 2000 is the Flower Horn Fish remember? All this fish that time can sell up to 10K especially the Flower horn fish some people even wanted to use with a brand new S Class Mercedes Benz to exchange it ( this story is true and new paper also got come out)

Why???? Why this people wanted to spend such a money to buy this? The answer is only one
They believe that this can bring them more more more money to them. Especially the Chinese, We all always believe such a thing. You can say this is "Superstitious" or what so ever la. But for me I just don't  believe all this "Pangsai'' la! 

Spend 3k for this no name plant better use that money to do some useful thing lagi better lah.