My Favorite Egg Tart

This is my favorite egg tart in town which located at the Beribi industry area. Don't worry is easy to find one, Just passed the Beribi roundabout and on the left hand side simpang then all the way go inside the Industry building and sure you can find their restaurant at one of the last block on right hand side! 

This post actually I wanted to tell you all long time already but it just some time I go there either they closed or the egg tart sold out already.So finally today is a good day after the rain. People say after the rain always there is a rainbow, is true and here are the pot of golds "The Golden Egg Tart" from the Firdaus restaurant
After I taking my nap suddenly I felt like wanted to eat something sweet then I tried my luck to here and see got my favorite egg tart or not and the luck is on my side. When I reached there and they only left 7 pieces. So I bought it all back home. The 1st time I ate their egg tart is about 13 years ago when I was a contractor foreman my office is just a few block away. 
Egg tart original is from one of the dish of Hong Kong Dim Sum but of coz here some people modified it and now it have their local own style lah! Why it is my favorite because this one is better then the local Chinese Dim Sum restaurant one, I mean is really Chinese restaurant that got sell pork dim sum one.
I'm not kidding, when you buy back home and keep in the fridge the next day you take is out it still taste good. Not need to pre head also good to eat the reason is because the skin is like the cookie type and very easy to melt in your mouth. The only one bad thing about their tart is they don't make it much every day so sometime if you go there to buy you need luck unless you go early lah. 
So don't blame me if you didn't try their egg tart every time you go!!!