Another Day In Paradise

I'm not sure what you think with this la but for me is very important. For the tip top condition of my car is worth for everything especially the wheel and the breaking system. This two day I went to fix my car. routine car care, change oil( Mobile 1 ) check the break, change new arm, four new shock absorbers so today I must bring my car to check the wheel alignment again.
Don't play play man.... for me this kind of think the money cannot save one die die must go do one otherwise really die die on the road. 
Infect I want to fix it since last month already after I change the 4 new tyre. Then wait wait wait until this 2 day reason is because of this few days keep on raining raining and raining. Everyday I have to pick up my wife back to back from work, Go makan dinner with my family twice a week, and that the reason I think I have the full responsibility to keep them save in the car.
Aiyo.... is true this small small thing we cannot see one but once the day the emergency come you know how important it should be. 
I'm so sorry to see this few day some people caught in accident during the Hari Raya. But what if we can always keep in mind every second,every minute and every day the Safety I'm sure we can bring down the rate of accident and some unnecessary things. 
See.... now 10.30am and the sky rain again =.= 
Don't play play.... sometime this kind of money really cannot save one.

Thanks guys... you done the good job!!