4 iPhone 4

Over 4 thousand dollars of 4 iPhone 4 in my hand last night during my routine drinking section in my friend's house. I think I never have this moment again. In the same 3 of my friends and me buying the same phone in the same day but different day then showing off at the same day. Each and everyone of us talking and sharing the iphone for the whole night.( FYI there is 7 iphone and 1 china iphone there)
We have so much fun with the phone last night and I want to tell you guys this is a really good phone and is worth to get one too. Don't believe the media saying how bad or lauzy about the phone. After we had use it I don't see any problem with it! It so useful, high-tech and good good good to use man!!! 
I'm not kidding with it. You should try one of this cool gadget and can forget about the Nokia or Samsung already. Better save that money to get one of this. Once to got it you know what I mean.
I know some of you might gonna say I'm show off..... Gaya lah.... or Kaya or bla bla bla whatever....
But all I want to tell my reader the true of what I'm have. If you thinking to get a smart phone better get an iphone(4) and you never regret about it. Trust me... the iphone is way beyond your imagination how good is it! Forget about the i9000 or HTC, iPhone4 is the best of all the smart phone!!!