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Why Is Here?

I don't know.... I really don't know why this thing is here. I see this thing lying here next to roundabout to Beribi there for quit some time sudah! If I'm not wrong there is almost 3 week there already. All I can say is the poster was really good quality printed coz so many days already under the sun and rain and yet is still the colors didn't fade. So today I can't stand no more, it really make me want to know what is the poster in there. So I took this picture and zoom it using my Mac then I see the words FREELIFE then I cari using google. Guess what I found? This is some kind of health drinks GoChi.
GoChi is kind of chinese herbs is very very common one mostly we used it for cooking.
Apalah... I thought what so special is it GoChi saja ma... Any supermarket here also can buy la!
But whatever is that I think that poster is shouldn't be there...

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Welcome To Lim Family!!!

Congratulation to my sister and brother in law finally the new baby girl has check out already on this morning at the JPMC. The baby is wonderful, cute and most important is healthy. 
hopefully tomorrow can balik rumah.


Remember last week I say I gonna do the "A Day of TIGER.LIM™" on every Sunday? Today I do something different, every picture I only can give 3 words is because I think there is more space for you people to imagine the image of the things I do.

My Day Began....

Go To Bandar...

Eat At Here....

Spot By Giap...

Why Like This....

They Every Way......

True Or Not.....?

Go Hua Ho....

Met My Fans....

Want Buy This....?

Today New Paper....

Don't Play Play....

My Another Fans....

Barracudas Team Launching....

Eat Full Full....  

I'm So Hungry....

Ice-cream For Dessert

The End Liao!!!

Give Away!!!

Any Michael Schumacher fans here? If you are then sure you gonna like this poster I'm going to give it away this poster I keep it for 15 years already. This poster was when the time he is in the Mild Seven Benetton Renault and also he won the second time world championship. And this poster is 100% original one... how I got it? Ada lah!!!!! The reason why I giving away is because I just clean up the room and I found this poster under the bed.I found my old stuff which I keep during my teenager time, cards, gift, toy, watches etc that given by my X and friends. I can't keep it anymore and is time to let them go. So this poster instate of throwing away I think someone out there maybe would like to continue to help me to keep it. Maybe you can put in your shop, showroom, restaurant or in your room?
So just email or msg to me if you interested to keep it and I want to make sure you are the Michael Schumacher's fans! 

My Baby Get Injection

I'm so proud of her lah coz she didn't cry when the nurse give her injection. Everyone baby go in the room and come out sure cry but on that day my baby girl is the only one come out with blur!!! hahaha maybe she still don't know what's happening with her arm.... Hoping next injection that she did not cry on that day la!

My Favorite Egg Tart

This is my favorite egg tart in town which located at the Beribi industry area. Don't worry is easy to find one, Just passed the Beribi roundabout and on the left hand side simpang then all the way go inside the Industry building and sure you can find their restaurant at one of the last block on right hand side! 

This post actually I wanted to tell you all long time already but it just some time I go there either they closed or the egg tart sold out already.So finally today is a good day after the rain. People say after the rain always there is a rainbow, is true and here are the pot of golds "The Golden Egg Tart" from the Firdaus restaurant
After I taking my nap suddenly I felt like wanted to eat something sweet then I tried my luck to here and see got my favorite egg tart or not and the luck is on my side. When I reached there and they only left 7 pieces. So I bought it all back home. The 1st time I ate their egg tart is about 13 years ago when I was a contractor foreman my office is just a few block away. 
Egg tart original is from one of the dish of Hong Kong Dim Sum but of coz here some people modified it and now it have their local own style lah! Why it is my favorite because this one is better then the local Chinese Dim Sum restaurant one, I mean is really Chinese restaurant that got sell pork dim sum one.
I'm not kidding, when you buy back home and keep in the fridge the next day you take is out it still taste good. Not need to pre head also good to eat the reason is because the skin is like the cookie type and very easy to melt in your mouth. The only one bad thing about their tart is they don't make it much every day so sometime if you go there to buy you need luck unless you go early lah. 
So don't blame me if you didn't try their egg tart every time you go!!!

My Daughter's Barney Doll

中秋節。Mid-Autumn Festival

Just came back for the Bandar Chinese Temple there and can't wait to post the picture I took there. All the picture I took is using my iPhone 4 with the HDR mode. I see the picture is good but off coz cannot compare with DSLR camera lah... but for the phone camera with is quality I think is really good liao!!!

Ok if you missed the festival don't worry coz tomorrow there is one more show but of coz not gonna as much people as today la! The people there just now banyak sekali la... Inside full outside also full. Malay, India, Orang putih also come to see the Chinese Opera show and also a lot of Photographer fans taking picture there too really happening there. 

Some of you may want to ask me why there is the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Chinese culture?
Is a very long story la... click HERE if you want to know!

Taty's Cafe

Have you ever heard this Taty's Cafe which located the Muara town there? At the same block building with the BIBD bank right on the end of the shop. Is very easy to find one lah. 
So what so good about it? No good I will not introduce to you all guys lah right! No doubt the place was a bit far for us but compare with the Seria Kolomee or the KB Rojak this one is nearer loh..... right!
For the Muara residents maybe you people know it already- I guess so! So who haven't know it yet and let me show you the place.
They are selling something like the pasar malam food one but of coz their food's taste are must better then them. They have nasi lemak, sandwich, kebab, burger and grill chicken etc... Still nothing special right but you wrong... I strongly recommended you to try their LAMB BURGER and the Grill Chicken. Is totally different than the others one. Especially their Grill Chicken really nice but for me one is not enough must eat two, so if the chicken can grow bigger a bit is much better lah. My wife she say she love it very much and hope that I can bring her there again. For me I just like the Lamb burger, I know some where in Senkurong there also got one selling Lamb Burger too but I haven't try So don't know how is it
and cannot compare. But I think this is very good already with the Taty's Lamb Burger
 ( maybe one day I'll try the senkurong one and compare compare see how)

Not only the foods I think is good even their shop concept also good. The owner of Taty's cafe actually  allow you to write your words on their wall too... all you have to do is ask for the marker pen from the staff and with a FEW conditions 
and make sure you sign with your name properly and so people can read is your words mana tau one day become famous leh right!!!
I really love the place and I'm sure I'll go there again and try their other dish like the Lamb Kebab or the Ritds Beef Cutlets. I guess they mainly doing the Tapao business that's why they don't putting any tissue on the table ( table also not much and small too )  but you can have it on the bar table there. 
but the problem is Malas leh...... So after you makan by using yout hand sure you gonna do the same thing as I am( see picture below) 
Opps... Almost forgot their secret recipes sauce... really matched with their Grill Chicken!!!
Must try!!!