Zek Is On Fire

This is the best song done by NKP ( Nasi Katok Pruduction ) that tribute to ZEK. It was so cool with the song lyrics and I think you guys should listen it.
If you don't know who is Zek then you are out dated sudah, Don't play play people are so famous now. There is more video coming out at Youtube, Facebook from the Fans and Friends of Zek.
I founded this 2 video is the best so far and would like to share with you all. It seen to be like everyone now are supported him already. I don't know this guy Zek but anyway why can't we give him a hand.
All you can do is change you Facebook status to this copy and paste it for just one day.....

" Zek really really banar banar banar tau salah sudah tu.... Please please please FORGIVE HIM "

Brunei people... let's rock the Facebook and give Zek a hand please!!!!
I know we can do it!!!!
Good Luck Zek!!!!!