Zekzek In.... TIGER.LIM™ OUT!!!

It was so unbelievable...... I never see a video that can hit more then twenty-one thousand  viewer in one and a half day in Brunei. This is gonna be a legend and I don't think anyone of the local people can break his record. And he have almost a thousand comment with this video! OMG..... this is so cool.
As what I always did with my video I die die also only get few thousand only...some how it have to take more then a month. But this guys he is a celebrity now. Thanks to the facebook and youtube that make him get the credit.
I had done a lot of funny and crazy video in Youtube, Facebook and in my blog as from my point of view this is nothing to be shame... His got the guts and daring to do such a video and post to the public and we should give his an applause and salute them. It just like one of the local girl she named herself as Kellie Dearest.
I'm so proud of her that she really really Dare to act, makeup and dressed so ugly although she wasn't that bad looking but she still got guts and daring to make some video to post in Youtude and share with people around the world. Click here to check out one of her video that I like.
 Yes.....I believe that one day we Brunei people sure got someone can gonna be a very famous because of the Youtube just like the Magibon it just the matter you dare or not.
So folks.... dare dare do. show your talents and don't Malu!!!
well done Zekzak and Kellie Dearest.....

The local funny and dearest local girl Kellie Dearest

Magibon the Youtube celebrity now she had hire at Japan hosting her own show!