This is my 2nd video that special editing for ZEK. Spend few hours to figure out the song that ZEK sing  to his "Princess of The Earth". Download and Editing also took me 5 hours to finish. Then somehow I banar banar sibok editing sampai I lupa makan man.... Never mind lah alang-alang use it as my fasting day la. Anyway if I'm a young girl I think I'm going to fall in love with ZEK a man that really telling the world that he love the "PoTE". I really really wanted to see the "PoTE" such a lucky girl lah.

Yesterday I showed ZEK's video to my two malay friends(of coz girl lah). After they watch the video surprisingly I realize that they both felt touching too. One of them said how she wish that her bf can do that to her too! Although the video is not made for her she also can feel ZEK's sorry......
 Don't play play man.... ZEK's market is going higher now sure not need to worry no life time partner sudah!!!