Yappy's Kolomee

When to Kiulap this morning together with my family, this is all my sister idea la she said the Yappy Kopitiam foods there are not bad. Ya lah... the foods are not bad but it just to slow to serve only. It take 10 minute to arrived on my table, if there is a lot of customer of full house and I can understand with forgive but you look at the picture below include us only 4 tables of customer. Somehow their foods already been serve before to sit down. 
Anyway for me "waiting" is not a big issue the most important thing is the food must come!
Apparently the Kolomee not bad but is just tooooo waterly! Can eat pulang.... but is not my type la. I'll not put him in my list la. Maybe some of you would like it lo same as my mom too, she said she ok with it!
FYI they not serving pork here but still you can see the sign there say "Foods Not For Muslims"
This is something like the Thien Thien Chicken Rice one la... coz the chef is a not muslim.

They serve mince chicken and fish cake on their kolomee.

Classic Chairs mix with the Modern Design, Nice combination.

Yappy Kopitiam which is next to the Kiulap brunch Baiduri Bank.