What I Do???

What I do for today?
Yes this is the tropic I never didn't in my blog before. Ok today I show you want I do la.

Sending car to the workshop to fix the car bumper. Thanks you my Mom and the neighbor lady driver. 

It happen last week.
One lady say I don't see you... the other lady say I though you see me!!!
 Ya la..... and that's is how bumped together la! 

Bring my Mom to the Praying shop to buy some stuff for tomorrow praying use.

Call up the AV Electronics and ask about how is my iPod Nano. Coz I had already send to their service center last 2 weeks still have got reply from them. 
Oh ya btw I'm a Naked Feet Driver! So what!!! Don't comment it in my chat box about it again! 

Reason is because of when I doing the video recording there is no sound in the video. After a minute in the call. They told me that they had change the new set on Nano for me and it really since last week but they can't contact me.

See!!!! that's the reason why I support the APPLE product. Not good or cannot fix or what so ever. Make a phone call to Singapore Apple support! Go complain about it and you might have a chance to received a brand new set! 
FYI this is my 4th set I had chance in ONE year time. Thanks to the Apple Worldwide Warranty. 

12 something pm.
Buy a Pirate DVD from a CD shop. Ya I know buy pirate stuff are bad but you tell me where can buy original la... I sure go buy one, coz here 90% of the disc all are pirate one you tell me what to do la!!!
I like this japanese actor but too bad until not I still don't know what is is real name! As long as I saw this guy new movie or TV series sure buy it home and watch one...hehehehe

Posted Spotted two of my friends having dinner lunch at Kiulap....wah so nice no offer me! Never mind take your picture and post in my blog! hehehe me so bad!

Buy DVD+R for burning movie tonight. I otang my sister in law this long time already must do it now otherwise she keep on asking me when every time she see me 
" Where is my daughter birthday video??? "

Surf some website as usual  and I see this Apple online store are having updating their site. 
Wondering are they having some changes with they products prices.... Perhaps, Maybe.
I'll check it again later. 

Bringing my angel and wife visiting Bikemonkies family.

And watching HBO MJ That's it it!!!

End of today's post