Toyota Lexus ES300

The owner of this vehicle already report to the police station and now he need the public to help him searching for this car a  Silver Color year model 2006 Toyota Luxus ES300 
Engine No. 1MZ1736061. Chassis No. : JTHBF30GX6032133

 The registration number is BAA 3091  But of  coz it might have already change to other number plate.
If you had seen Someone, Friends or Neighborhood all of sudden own this type of car.......
 or this type of car parked at your house some where area long time ago.....
or see this car covered by canvas long time already and never been use.
It might belong to this own and the policeman are looking for this!
If you can provide some informations about this missing car or founded. 
The Reward BND$3.000.00 is your!!!!! 
Contact this Number:+673-8718191 Ah Loong

Or maybe you can help this own to something too. Click this post title copy the link and post in your Facebook's Wall. Let us help the owner find back his car!!!