TIGER.LIM™ & Ranoadidas Interview C.H.M.S

Today we both went to C.H.M.S to interview the Discipline Master and the Deputy Principal regarding about the bullying video that had found in the Youtude and Facebook. Now we both had the conclusion about it and also the school had told us how and what they are going to take action about this incident.

I understand and all about this situation already. Who started it, who took the video, When it happen.
Whatever is it.... the school is the only one who have the rights to make the final decision. Wether it is Good or Bad, Fair or Unfair. The students and the parents have to accept the answer from the school.

The Discipline Master and the Deputy Principal had told us about the students who in the video how is their attitude and behavior during the school time and also they even wanted to show their school record for the pass few years to us!

From the school side, they want to apologize to the public that about the this incident and the video upload in the net and they hope this kind of case will never happen again. This case has closed and I think we not need to arguing or comments who's wrong who's right it again.

Last but not least the school had mention to me that whatever their action giving to those students has nothing involved with my words and video which I had post here. Infected  the school had already made their decisions/actions for those students before I had posted in my blog. Therefor I will not giving any comments or feedback here again.

You might find that my report here are not clarified enough about the interview. The reason is because I don't want to mentions who is Right or Wrong and I shouldn't mention too much about the Boys. The only person who really should care about this is their parents.
 But from my point of view I totally disagree of what the school's decision had chosen.

For more information about the interview you may find it on Rano website

The End