TIGER.LIM™ Fruits Toast!!!!Yummy Baby....

Yummy Baby.... yea!!!!
Boys and Girls....You should try this at home! I swear is really taste good!!!!
I invent this myself last month. If you also have some Durian left over don't eat it all in one time. Try to do it in this way like my I'm sure you gonna like it to!

So here are the ingredients just 2 slices of bread and 2 biji of durian.
So is very easy to do it just like normally you spread the Peanut Butter or Jams on your Bread.

Remember must use the White Durian or Local Durian type don't try with the Thai Durian that one good really good with it! But if you want to use the Durian Kuning...... mmmmhhh that is the best!!!!!

So just like that... easy suzi not so lazy to spread all over the bread. One durian per one bread. 

If you want more durian on it also can, so it just like my here! hehehe yummy!

After that and put inside the Oven. Remember to pre heat 1st Ok. Then put 180'C and toast it for 5 to 8 minute or toast it until it turn Golden Yellow which one 1st!!!

See.... just like this!!! A beautiful Golden Yellow color and Super duper Crispy here. Isn't it very easy? 
Try it or if you don't have Durian can also try with the Banana too. But I suggest use the Pisang Raja that is good.....mmmmm yum yum!!!
This TIGER.LIm™ Toast only suitable use Asian Fruits like Banana, Durian, Mango,Cepedak, Nangka.Those fruits are sweet enough and you not need to adding other stuff to make it sweet. Remember do not use the fruits with lot of water type. Like Water melon, Melons, Papaya, Coconut ,Star fruit or Jambu!  1st is not so nice and the bread also get wet easily. 
So far I tried Durian is the Best of The Best! 

So go try it yourself and give me some comments and tell me how you like it!!!