Sunday Flower Market

Infect this flower market is not open on Sunday only but also Friday what I mean is I went there with my family in Sunday la!! This is the biggest weekend flower market in Brunei. Is worth to visit there even you are not buying any flower, just go there walk walk see see also not bad. But I suggest you go there early in the morning la so at least not that hot ma right. Then if you are like to taking picture one this place also not bad for you. Like me using normal digital cam come out the picture also not bad too, of coz not like those people using the pro digital cam la! This flower market start at morning until 12pm. Not for whole day one... coz afternoon too hot sudah!!! Flower no die the person also die there la!!! Brunei do hot in the afternoon how to tahan o right!!!
One more thing there not only selling flower only but also some baby fruits tree. Durian, Rambutan, Papaya, Lame, Langsat, Tampui and macam macam lagi!!! So if you next sunday got nothing to do or after breakfast with your family why not try to visit here for a really not bad!!! 

Not a pro camera but also not bad with the image...hehehe steady kan???

Have you ever see this Black Chili... I never try it so don't know will hot like lava or not la!!!

The real Orchid Garden!!! Not like the one hotel at Berakas one... I don't see any orchid there pun!!!

FYI she is not my wife!

I told my mom that I want to buy it all and hang around our house but my mother say this kind of flower easy to die one.. not tahan one so no jadi buy!!! But it does really nice look wah right!!!

Wanna grows some fruits in your garden, come here to choose it macam macam ada!!

And this is my wife with my daughter and she started sleepy liao!!!