Should Need School Crossing Guard!!!

Few days ago I received a call from my sister in law that she need me to pick up her daughter at school. 
As fas as I remember this year is my 1st time to pick up my niece from the school. Me long time no doing that sudah! So again I went to my Mother School but this time is on the high peak season. It took me almost an hour to pick her up. I know that the school traffic jam tragedy cannot do any thing already. It already happen like that since form my school time! But sure that is something we can change.
But there is something they can do for change. Is to give the students having a nice and safety to crossing the road. Just like the other country their school sure have one or two person as the crossing guard.
Is so dangerous to leave the kids crossing the road without anyone guiding them.

What is the driver didn't stop and hit on this lovely family... HAM KA Chan la apa lagi!!

Hire someone as a school crossing guard wasn't that hard or expensive one...
I'm sure some retired or jobless people would like to do this job. 
Do for part time. morning one time, afternoon one time and evening one time.... each time work for 1 to 2 hours and the pay is 20 dollars like that! sure someone like to do this job. Easy but Responsibility isn't it a nice job to have! Some how now days there is hard to look for a job, why don't the all school come out this post to public and it also can help the other to support their family, isn't it good idea?   

I'm sure my friend in Indon if he one day jobless already also don't mind to come here take this part time job here. Rigth Choky!!!!