Self-Acting And Self-Directing

As you can see my Chat Box there this people
Pet Pet, ChiBai,Bangla,Blablabla and the fake TIGER.LIM ( which don't have ™ one)
Are from the same person..... How I know? easy lah... just check the IP address. All are coming from the same IP Come on stop bullshit yourself and admit the thing that you have done wrong.

I believe this post already a lot of people and parents has saw after I posted in here. I also received call and Email that a lot of people really consent about this issue. 
Is good that now the people should know your children what are they doing during in the school. Not just sending your children to school and pick them up again and that's it!  The parents should have the right to know their children in the school life from their teacher and also parents should spend some time with you children and know more about them.

So last but not least a msg for those "The King of Bullies" 
The one who you bully person, also got Father and Mother too!!! 

By the way you people now are still young. Don't get What I mean and how serious is it you done. 
Wait One day when you come out from the society then you know what is REAL LIFE!!!
Welcome to the Club!!!