Not Bad But Still The Guru Better

Finally I have  a chance to try the Kolomee at batu satu one which they mention is the Ex-Ocean Quarry kolomee. First I also get blur blur which ons is the reall OQ Kolomee kan????
  Then I found out is the one at Bunut one "Ban Hiong" is the founder of OQ Kolomee but the Batu satu one is his Ex-Staff. 
So if you ask me which one is better I would like to say is the Ban Hiong one lo!!! The Batu Satu one is not bad but is just don't have the master's real taste of the OQ kolomee feel.....
Still the master are better but true true one the Batu Satu business are better, it full house everyday because of the location are better at Bunut lo!

The real OQ Kolomee!

The ExStaff of OQ Kolomee!

Business so good everyday also full house one! Not Bad man....