My Favorite Croissant!!!

No doubt this is my favorite croissant of all time. I trying every bakery shop in Brunei " Le Apple", "Mum's", " Fun Bread", "Supasave", "Empire Hotel","SweetDeli" etc.... and I think this is the best Croissant of all!!! 
Last time me one weeks at lease 3 to 4 time sure go buy to eat one... either I on the way to pick up my wife or after pick her up sure buy to eat one!  But one thing I don't understand is why every time when I go buy the time I  only see they make 4 to 6 pieces only!!! That's why it some time out of stock when I reach there.
Then after few months I stop to eat it because I notice that I gain weight a lot. I assume maybe is because of I having too much this!!!
After so many month I didn't eat ( sia-sia pun) so today I went to buy.... Lucky stars on my side, When I reach there saw 4 pieces croissant fresh fresh just come out. Apa lagi I buy it all la!!!
The reason why I so love their croissant is because of their croissant really not like other's one. It so rich with the butter taste and always crispy. Not like other kedai roti one...  either is masuk angin then if not is too soggy .I'm not kidding even my wife also like it!
 Why I never post in my blog before and tell you guys about this good stuff is because of they really not making much of it. If I tell you people already so where can I have a chance to eat it again right!!! hehehe
But now I change mind now. Good things much share with you all la! So next time I want to show you all where to have the BEST " Tao Sa Pia"/ "Pup Kacang Hitan" at the Bandar and also the Best "Egg Tart" at the Beribi!!!!

I'm loving it!!!

I don't understand why the boss wanted to choose this place to open here.... Some how is in corner corner lagi la!!! If someone who is mata juling one sure cannot see this bread shop one!!!
It located at the "Batu Bersurat" there! Near to the Low San Hardware there!!!

This is the shop I want to show you guys la! 

Tell you true true one.... this is the only thing I buy here!!! I never try their other stuff. either is this or else it their plan/butter croissant. yumyum!!!