This is our local famous Koropok! Have you ever try it before? which is something like the Potato Chips la but is not make by the potato. This is make by the flour and prawns. How to make it I'm not sure la. All I know is the flour mix with water then mix with the prawn then steam it then cut into slices then put under the sun and dry it la!!!! Anyway our Koropok of coz the history are more longer then the western koropok la and of coz is yummy then then one...We are proud of the Brunei local Koropok is because in Asian here our Koropok is the best one. Not like Singapore or Malaysia one the prawn they put only the little bit coz our prawns are more cheaper then their!Anyway do you know that the process of all this Sun bathing products mostly are not hygiene one.... like the Belacan, Salted Fish, Cinjilok,Tahai, Koropok sure 100% before packing already visit by the Flies 1st??? But yet we like to eat that.... Sure not gonna complain that!!! More smelly more better one!!! True? Why ha??? 
See...... this thing tell us some time we also need double standard to do something otherwise it cannot works!
 Not all the time must die die use one way one!!!

This morning pass my my friend's house while I testing my scooter and I see then making the Koropok. 
Their Koropok are very famous in my Kampong here one.  When I was young the time I always hang around in their house and watch my friend's mother doing it! 30 years already still the best in town! Don't play play.....

Now of coz my friends mother already old 70 plus la she cannot do that much sudah. The daughter in law and maid helping her lo!!!

Somw people need the Sun to cari makan one... if no Sun they have to makan Rumput sudah!!!
My friend's mother until now still insist want to use hand made. Even cutting into pieces also have to use hand cut cannot use machine one!!!
This is what we called Classic Taste! Rasa Zaman Dahulu! 古早味!