The King of The King of Fruits

Yes... everyone knows that the Durian is the King of Fruits. But this is also a lot of different type of Durian, Durian Putih, Durian Kahwin, Durian Thailand, Durian Montong, Durian bal bla bla bla....
So many Durian there and who is the Real King of King of DURIAN????
I had ate a lot of different kind of Durian in my life and I think the Best of the Best Best Best Durian is the Durain Kuning....... This type of Durian is not like the normal one. Their size are small then the normal one a lot and it only can find in BORNEO. Which is where I live, If you like to eat Durian and you should try this Durain Kuning then you're KNOW what is the REAL KING of THE KING of FRUITS. 
But for me Durian Kuning it just like a QUEEN. COZ the REAL KING is the one you see in the picture. This is DURIAN MERAH( red durian ) Why???? Coz why you can eat this just like you found a Pearl on the beach. Do you know that how hard and Lucky then you can eat this?
This red Durian is really hard to find this day... normally we eat is yellow color type. 
Don't PLay PLay man..... This is what I looking for all time when we having the Durian Season here in Borneo!!!!