Is Only 314kdps

Not even reach up to 512kbps..... Is is way too much already!
I subscribed the Unlimited HIGH SPEED broadband for  $78.00 per month but 314kbps is all I got!!!
So where is the 7.2mbps goes??? 
Guys.... actually I got make a video of what I say about their Go!broadband wanted to post in my blog but the speed really damm stupid slow so I give up and using typing one and I found out it still very slow coz I went I upload this 3 picture also take me 20 minute because it only have 14kbps saja....
Oh...comon la.... please do something about it please. 
I understand that when people do good thing no body is give a SxxT but once do something wrong everyone come to F here F there.
But think about it, we have the right to get what we pay.
 We don't come out this 7.2mbps at first but you are! 
You attracted we to come buy your Go!broadband
 but when is the last time I got your HIGH SPEED???
Months and months goes by, 78 dollars each month I still pay... 
No asking refund, No asking why. pay you the bill is all I knew.
Oh.... my lovely Go!broadband asking you go faster a bit is it too much??? 
Your mama say you can support downlink speeds up to 7.2mbps
But I only got less then 512kbps.
Oh...... Go!broadband my lovely Go!broadband when can you be more faster again like the last time I see you at The Mall roadshow?
The 1st time I see you upload the Youtude video..... it was so fast.
oh baby.... I love you in the 1st sight on the same day I fall in love with until now.
Oh...Go!broadband can you please do it once again for me.
I know our LOVE is Blind but my Money is not from the SKY!
Die die also have to pay you till I die.....
I'm a faithful man but please don't make fall in love with ZOOM! broadband 

p/s:2x5 tu!!!!