I'm A Meat Lover Not Raw Meat Lover....

You know what is my best cook??? Yes BBQ.... I love BQ very much! Infect BBQ is the only dishes i have no problem! 100% sure I cook is delicious one! If not nice I don't call TIGER.LIM™ sudah!
But yesterday when I bring my wife to the famous restaurant at the Batu Satu there and try on there BBQ. At first the buffet everything goes well. But after some time when they serve me their BBQ BEEF the time I was a bit disappointed. 
Yes my name is TIGER.LIM™ but I'm not a real TIGER!!!! Hello..... serve me a RAW BEEF for what????  You think after I eat that I will jump over the FIRE RINGs is it to entertain your customer in the restaurant is it??? 
This is really unacceptable... if is medium rare or 30 to 40% cooked I still can accept... But this totally uncooked and yet still dare to serve me.. over la!!! 

Don't play play..... I'm a BBQ fans man!!!! BBQ t-shirt also have!!!

See..... I don't tipu one.... see by yourself la!!! Is for Tiger to eat one not for the TIGER.LIm™ to eat. 

If I eat this don't know have to go toilet how many time!!!!Not worth to eat!!!