Hot Hot Open, Hot Hot Eat!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!
 Now we got new place to go makan again. Ya la I know you people sure think that
 "Wa..... Excapada got new brunch again ka!!!" Yes now total they have six outlet already!!!
 haiya.... don't play play man of coz have to thanks for the public to so supporting them la! 

But this time the new brunch is total different like the other 5. This new Excapade not only serve Sushi or Sashimi saja.... they are also specialist serve with Teppanyaki and Shabu-Shabu too.
Then the location is not like last time, always open at those busy commercial area. This one open at the Kampong Bunut there which is next to the Akira there. Still don't know where? It just 100 meters away from the opposite side of the Bunut Shell Station la! Sure you can see their sign big big far away from the road one.
If you still cannot see or find it ? then you better go Ripas and check your eyes now!

So the question is Nice or not their foods? Aiya this one I say not nice you also go and try one la right!!!
Infect I not need to say much about their foods you also know la! You tell me who haven't try their foods yet? Every time you go any Excapade you tell me which day has no full house one? I can say ten times I go ten times also I see full house one.... especially the Gadong and Kiulap brunch one. 
And some times I go eat there also have to Q again! What to do??? want to eat good stuff then must have to take some Q one la right!!!

Ok....So their food I don't want to put some more comments there... but I got two dishes must strongly recommend you all to try. "The Beef Bacon with Asparagus" and also their "Wagyu Teppanyaki"
me and my wife 1st time eat it and tarus love it very much. And i also introduce to my friend Melvin then he also love it too!!! How good is it? Is so soft with the beef and it melt in your month in just a second!!! Am I a bit over???? hahah sound like the Japan food tv program already! Anyway it is really yummy and tasty! trust me.... if you try it and don't like it please Tapao for me!!! Don't sayang Ok!!!

From far you already can see their sign here, Don't tell me you cannot find them.

I also try their shabu-shabu too. Not bad!!! But I think the Miso soup are better then the Tom Yum soup la!!! 

Did you see one of the chair is more taller then the others one? hehehe.. that's my lucky seat! Am I right Melvin? You know I know la ya!!!

Question of the Day! Why the chef have to put on that plastic mask?
A: To prevent both of them to curi makan?
B: To prevent their water mouth drop on the foods?
C: To prevent them to inhale too much smokes?
D: Or  to prevent them to kiss each other?
please drop your answer on the chat box. Thank You!!!