Fasting Month

Yes..... Ramadan is my favorite month. 
Not only because of the nice food selling all around the corner but also is the good time for me to learn 
some good stuff.
Although I'm not a muslim but I do Puasa at least one time at the Fasting month! 
Ya of coz not all my friends know about it that I have this hobby!
First of all is because of last time most of my girlfriends are malay. I ever have a 10 years relationship with one of my muslim gf.(sikit lagi kan kahwin) And secondly is my elder sister. She is a muslim too.Ya her husband is a Malay! So this is the reason why I have this Islam things background lah.
I tell you.... you know what is the best moment of the fasting? After the whole day no foods and no water. When the time you having the first sip of a "COLD ICE DRINK"
HEAVEN............. hahahah is truth!! trust me... you can like feel the heaven are in the cup of
"Ice Bandong" and eat somethings must SWEET one..... Last time I don't understand why they like eat sweet stuff during the Ramadan but after the first time I try to fasting and I know sudah. 
The sugar is the best thing to recover our body energy needs. 

Guys try one time you'll know what I mean.
8am-11am start feel hungry, 11am-1pm very very hungry, 1pm-3pm start dizzy, dry mouth and thinking to give up, 3pm-4.30pm OMG..... very hungry sudah ah..., 4.30pm-5.30pm start telling yourself Yes I can do it. 5.30pm-6.30pm You don't feel hungry anymore and YES I DID IT!!!!
Fasting actually is not only for the Muslim friends saja.... we non-muslim also can joining too one.
It's not only that fasting can cleansing our body but also our mind too!
Every year on this month I like to listen some Islam story form my muslim friends...
There is so many interesting story with them and that's the reason why I knows some Islam things la!
But if you ask me would I convert to a Muslim?
My answer is "No".
 The reason was I had found my new life now and I learn it from them.

P/S: Please don't give me any comments about this post, even those are a nice comment for me. I hope not to see any argument and complaining in my chat box for this whole holy month. Thanks!