Don't Left Turn!!!

Not kidding one... is really really ba ba ba banar really smelly when we almost go to the meat section there. Me, My sister and her daughter really can't stand the smell there. We spend less then 2 minute in there and straight away move back into our car. During in the car I do got few times feel want to vomit. I'm not kidding. Just wondering how their staff can stand the smell and can work for the whole days!!!

Still don't get it which supermarket I go kah? The one just open at Kiulap one la!!! After we having breakfast at Yappy Koditiam my Mom want to do some glossary, so ngam ngam there is a new supermarket just open that area. 
Once we parked our car in front of it -< nothing happen >- Then when we entry the stall the time - < still nothing > - But when we turn left then time - < mmmm... something happen > - Slowly slowly I smell something strange- < Start getting wrong and I tot someone fart > - Sekali I hear my niece say "Mami... Bau"
then I realize everything is too late! We are entering to 3rd world already. Straight away move back to our car and no mood to do shopping anymore. But my wife and mother steady la.... they can tahan in there for 15 minutes. I salute to both of you!!!
 I wondering what kind of smell is that... is really really bad, my sister said the smell maybe comes from the vege that which is rotten for quit sometime one. But I think maybe is the meat's bloods and the ice water mixture lah.... like dry already on the floor and didn't mod like that lo.

In the Gadong wet market there is smelly too but still I can stand it and understand their situation. But this one is just baru open and yet is indoor got aircon lagi!!! Omg this is really un-acceptable... I guess next time I just go back to the one at Kg Rimba one lagi better! Is big and clean again!!!

Another Youtube's New Born Lips Sing Celebrity 

This Bungal Boys remind me back to 4 years ago in China there is a China Backstreet Boys. 
Both of them also do the same things they post they lips sing video in youtube and turn famous really really fast. But of coz the Bungal Boys want that good looking as the China Backstreet Boys lah and some how the CBSB now have their own album too. 
If I'm not mistaken in Malaysia aslo have 2 young boy doing the same things too but too bad I don't remember what is their group name already and too bad I can't located their video again. ( if some one know please let me know) Same things their video very funny one. I remember one of their video in the middle of the sing their mother or grandmother has passing by wear a sarong. Not sure have they become the Malaysia celebrity or not la! Anyway..... if some of you would like to do the same thing in Brunei here I don't mind to put your video in my blog. Putting your video here to publish I think is more faster then you harap someone see you one youtube channel. Unless you share in to with facebook la!!! 

The Bungal Boys from Philippine 

The China Backstreet Boys 1st Youtube Video.